So because of Ingress, and because my brain was probably not functioning, I've walked the most in a day yesterday.

I thought I might need to be in a wheelchair or something for today, but turns out my legs are only a little tired, and my shoulders are more tired than my legs, probably because it's been too long since I last carried my backpack for so long.

For some nerd like me who only ever goes outside because of a game that nobody cares about, it's quite reliving that I can be this capable of physical activities despite being lazy in game for about 2 weeks already. Sure, I may have walked the most in my entire life since last year's pandemic, ironically, but the fact that human bodies being this capable despite having times of not building up, makes me really wonder about how capable humans are if tried hard enough.

Underestimating yourself is good in the sense that you're not trying to act like a higher up, but that doesn't mean to not make commitments. In fact, the fact that we always "suck" means that we should also have the mentality of "suck less", so that we can have the mindset for improving yourself.

It's also worth noting that I've done all this stuff because of outward forces, so for someone like me who just can't do commitments for self, try finding people or events that drives you to actually do some stuff. Even if the person you're looking for ended up being "bad", at the end of the day all the improvementd you've been trying to make are going to benefit you, and looking back at it, you'll realise it's worth it.


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