emotions #1

I think the reason people assume I'm being depressive is because for one, I usually have no interest in showing them, which also causes me to be quite bad at expressing them, and for two, people would assume that how they feel about something equals how others feel about something, one example would be that people assumes I'm being extremely depressive whenever I'm asking people about some "deep stuff", because they tend to think thinking deep equals being sad or whatever.

Also one thing that I found quite interesting is that I'm getting way more stable while writing this entry, whereas others would potentinally think I'm actively trying to be depressing, because imagine "complaining about everything" lol.

Though I kinda feel bad about them being sad because of how they percieved me, and at the same time conflicted because they are the same people who are trying their best to empthasise with me, and pretty much me acting happy would likely ruin them. But I guess that also explains why I tend to keep things for myself.


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