being passive

I'm quite a passive person, especially with things that I don't have much of an opinion with. Sometimes people gets frustrated of me not giving them answers on simple things such as what to have in lunch, if I should get this or that, etc etc. In a way it is kind of irresponsible, but in a way people just care too much about it for me.

There's likely something wrong with me that makes me think differently (or atypically) from others, and there may also be something wrong (or right) about people who wants me to stay connected to the minds of most people, but either way, matter of fact is that it lets me enjoy myself when I'm alone, and it becomes a nightmare (or a playground) when I'm with others.

The most annoying thing is that there are always going to be people who yells at me with "missing opportunities", while I don't really see much values in them, most of the times it's either about some social events or some achievements/prices, they act like they are so sure I'll regret it, even though even if I do, I'll be regretting for different reasons.

Though despite all that, I don't really like how me being passive makes me misleading to others, and it's not necessarily their fault. It's not that I'm going to lose anything from it, but I kinda don't want people looking at me (and others) wrongly for reasons. Sure, they don't really have to care about me, but it's not like they have bad intentions in doing so either.

So if you don't see me reply to you in years, that doesn't mean I hate you or anything, it's simply I don't find it necessary to talk to someone. And when I do, it's either that I want to ask something important from you, me having fun from talking in a place, or that I'm obsessed with you (which is the worst and most unlikely outcome).

Love you all, while I'm isolating myself.


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