Watched the anime fully recently, it's good.

People these days like to complain about things that are either immoral on the surface because of how most people percieved it, or too simple that people would think it'd be a waste of time to be bothered, and gochiusa fulfills both of these requirements, with people's impression on lolis and seemingly dumb stuff.

I like the flow of the anime: light hearted, no bothersome plots, and the messages it gives aren't stupid, arguably way better than most of the deep anime/shows. There's even an episode where I got really emotional of due to it reminding me something that I've treasured for almost all of my life.

It's also good to point out that I've watched a lot of clips of the anime before I finally decided to settle on completing the anime itself, and it actually helps me enjoy the anime better, due to me needing less time to understand each character, and that the plot isn't really that important. Or maybe it has to do with me wanting to know enough about something before fully enjoying it.

It's been 3 years since I've tried watching an anime, and it's a great experience that I'd think about for a while. Sometimes it's the "stupid things" that gives the deepest and most truthful meaning, and now I'm just wondering if people are willingly to be simplier emotionally so that we can all enjoy things together, even if the process/outcome is negative.

Shoutout to baby WOGUE (also known as Alez Diavatis) for indirectly introducing this wonderful anime to me.

and tbh GNOME isn't that bad like com'on

swaywm user btw


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