AI Art and Victim Complex

Alternatively titled me escaping from being bad from fixing bugs of a single month program and I want to get something out of my head.

AI Art

Text Generative AI was getting most of the attention in 2023, apart from it being a technology that techically isn't supposed to be available in where I'm from, it has also shaked things up to the point where there are plenty of naive business people who think they can just replace their employees with AI just like how some of them has been outsourcing jobs to foreign countries, there's also naive artists who think that it is possible for AI to replace themselves. But is that really what happened?

Victim Complex

It's very possible that I'm just using the wrong term to describe things, but basically it's meant to refer to those who victimise themselves if they see fit.

So why do those people want to do such a thing? To simply put, they felt the need to shield themselves up those people felt the need to shield themselves up, by acting like they are victims.

So far it makes sense, people feel victimised, and they no longer feel safe, so they act vulnerable to act as an attempt to get some empathy from others. But problem is, most of the time it isn't what's actually happening.

Yes, there are cases where people are actually victimised, even if the opposing party had no intention of doing so, but those are called "being a victim", not having a "victim complex".

The Spoiled Kid

I was watching random YouTube content as usual, and eventually I stumbled upon a character, who is known to be an artist, the lore wasn't the main topic here, but the thing that kept me wondering is an overwhelming amount of artists who emphasises with the character.

The character when she was young was pretty spoiled, she likes drawing, she likes art, the expressision of self, anything like that, and she gets priased, a lot, as a kid for her drawings. What happened in the video is that the character is in middle school, and she got scolded by her art teacher, in the lines of the teacher "not seeing any signs of {char} wanting to improve", and then the character who was a middle school kid basically went to a depressive state and lost sight of what she wants.

Now, I don't think the chatacter suits the description of what I want to say precisely, even though the reason of her going down to a downward spiral may seem exaggerated, it's a middle school kid we're talking about, and it makes perfect sense that she got depressed and stuff as she had no prior experience of being criticised in any way, constructively or not.

I was shocked by the comments.

The modern artists

I was seeing all the comments saying how they relate to her, this doesn't really suprise me, but what I'm suprised is that most of them are critisising the teacher.

Yes, I know the teacher made the character sad and whatnot, and such a fact does not make the teacher bad or evil or anything negative. The criticism, though harsh, was truthful, and there's even a comment saying how the character eventually accepts that as a fact and started working on it, but hey it doesn't matter to the comments section because guess what she's never been this sad and how dare you do this to a child, and also this is bad because how dare you actually say something that actually reflects my life!

This is the moment where I realise how I underestimated how self absorbed people are just being.

How I feel is probably all that matters

Unless the majority of the comment section has never been criticised before, which I doubt, this is a very good example of how victim complex works among people. It is like, they have the mentality that they want to be able to act like the whole world is against them, and not only that, they have to prove it to others how the world/the person they are talking to is against them.

Like imagine if you said something negative about what they have been working hard on, even if it isn't meant to be taken personally, not only would they start crying because they are butthurt by the fact that you criticised what they worked hard for, they would also start making up facts to justify how bad of a person you are to make them sad. Perhaps this is the biggest difference between being a victim and having a victim complex, the former is someone who gets hurt emotionally, and the latter is someone who gets hurt emotionally, who also go out of their way to judge others as persons purely because they got hurt.

It just keeps happening

There was a video I saw that's against AI art as a whole, and the best part of the 40+ minute long video is how it is just a bunch of copium saying how it is bad for artists even though they commit to some of the arguments themselves and also if it's something that's actually bad they target the byproduct of it (the main product being the copyright system).

This is some pretty high skill when it comes to having a victim complex, but most of the time it's way worse, to the point where as soon as the person gets butthurt it becomes an endless babble of gaslighting, to the point where they might even gaslight themselves. The worst however is when you are the one receiving it.

You said one bad thing about them? You must hate them. You rejected their request? You must be evil. You acted a different way than thet expect? Sorry but you're not their friend anymore. Things like this just keeps happening over and over, and eventually, I'm wondering to myself, is there even a point trying with people like that anymore?

That said

As overwhelmed as I am with this, it doesn't mean hate people being a victim, in fact I think it's a good thing that people are like that. It is especially weird to see how as the society supposedly gets more and more accepting there are more and more people who couldn't see the positives of feeling negative. Feeling sad because of a stupid sounding reason isn't inherently bad, but most people think it's worse than putting that onto others in the worst way possible instead of either taking step back or doing so as they should instead of making everything but the most obvious fact up.

It also doesn't mean that I understand how to handle those people, nor does it mean I'm going to change the way I act towards those people (that being being myself and explaining myself), but if you have the slightest idea of how to make them listen and understand, try to take a bit of your time and do so.

P.S. I'll be setting up a local email client very soon, which means if you somehow read my stuff and emailed me you'll actually see me reply to your emails (sorry for all the kind people in my inbox who I felt too awkward to reply back to after a while)

P.P.S Now just let me wonder how I should cry about my inability to handle the bugged spaghettni code that I myself made.


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