is someone's opinion all that matters?

Short answer, no. Everyone has different opinions on everything, and even when they do, it's usually because of different reasons. So if you care about the other person's opinions, it's usually because either you can only see people as big balls of different opinions (so that you'd think it's the only thing you can leech on to others), or you take your opinions more seriously than you probably should (as in all your identity is based around opinions). Otherwise even if the reasons are the same, it's still just 1 opinion, and there are many other opinions that exists within a person.

People who ask questions like "why don't you like this, I thought you would because you like <other thing> because of how similar (I think) they are", without trying to actually understand why *they* think like that, and instead just complains, are pain in the asses.

(This entry has nothing to do with K-On!)


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