Only watched the first season. Nobody requested it.


Girl joining school club, girls do stuff, girl learn guitar, perform, meet people, do more stuff, somehow everything goes smooth, drink tea, a lot of tea, get stupid reasons, resolve stupid reasons.

Actual Overview

This show is fine, and I get why it's really popular.

it's got moments where it hooks people up (even though the premises are stupid), and the overall mood of the characters and the story in general are quite light hearted. there are (plenty of) bits and places where it doesn't really make any sense, and I'm mentioning it because the show is set irl, but other than that it's just a nitpick and overall it's a pretty nice show.

And there's not much to it really.

To me it feels like K-On! just does it's job good enough and there are *many* people that accepts the good enoughness. Even though imo such a show can definitely be better with more attention to the plot and premises and buildup and stuff like that, the creators of K-On! (rip) knows what to do to create a show where people can just sit back and relax and enjoy the vibe.

Other stuff

I see that people are saying that K-On! is a show that attracts pedophiles, and to be completely honest, I agree with that statement. As a show that's about girls just hanging out and having fun, it sure does love using shots that are clearly (mildly) sexual and using references that are clearly sexual when the animation cannot directly show it. That said, that alone doesn't really affect the quality of the show itself, as it's not the main focus (though one that's big enough to be talked about)


OP: 6/10

ED: 4/10 (the first bar of bass note irritates me)

Show itself: 7/10, it has it's moment and even though I'm not throughly enjoying it, it's pretty cool what it's doing and they did a pretty good job at it


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