silence, life, and comedy

Life is a comedy, it's not just like one

Usually there's a weird phenomenon that people like growing up, so that they'll finally be able to chase their dreams or whatever

I think the reason is that, there has been lots of positivity in those people's lifes. "Come on! You can do it!" "It's ok, you've tried your best!" words like these, even if mostly not truly geniune, are mostly effective

There's also negativity, when people say negative stuff, they make others negative, makes sense

There's also neutrality, where people don't implict emotions, and even though it's not negative, people often protray them as is

But there's one more. It's like neutrality, but nobody talks. Silence.

Silence is independent, but without the 3 it loses it's independence. It has been used in many ways that only silence itself can achieve. Someone trying to publicly shame on you for no reason? Just stay silent, and they'll be embarassed about it and likely never tries that again. Want to get the audience hyped up at concert? Use silence to let people process their feelings about the ongoing song and unleash them afterwards.

So you see, silence is really powerful (even if these examples are kinda bad), possibly more powerful than the other 3. When used correctly on the right hands, silence may protray whatever the user wants

And this is both exciting and terrifying

Imagine if you are in a situation where you don't see people talk to each other anymore, you kind of know why, but you don't know the details yet, but it'll help you undercover the story, you see this happening for hours, days, or years, and the most exciting and terrying part about this is that, you're somehow inside such a situation, despite being neither person, but as an outsider, quietly observing everything that's being unfolded, seeing everything that doesn't make sense happens over and over again, and paying for everything that's happening on the big screen of life even if it has nothing to do with you

Life really is like a comedy


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