what I use currently use Telegram for

Telegram is like WhatsApp and Discord combined in steroids. It's backend and even encryption methods are proprietary, but for some reason their frontend isn't, and they also offer official API for building clients and bots with it.

There's also an unlimited file upload limit with 2GB per file max for free accounts, which sounds too good to be true, but they made it in a way so people who don't use Telegram can't access the files, thus reducing bandwidth.

Below is what I do with Telegram:

There's more that I do with Telegram but these are the basic things that I am able to do with it.

To me Telegram is like a centralised web, you can do a suprising amount of things in it for a messenging tool, and I personally think a FOSS client is a good trade-off to janky 10MBs websites that contains several malicious links.

And if you're scared of Telegram being the guys that sells your liver to whoever you're afraid of, fake phone apps and well trusted proxies are always an option for using Telegram in a rather safe way possible, just like when you have to do anything big tech related for personal use.


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