guilt tripping

There are many reasons that I'm seen as an anti social kind of person, and if I have to pick one reason that stands out the most, it would be people who guilt trips me.

Guilt tripping is basically an act, whether geniune or not, an attempt to make a situation, whether it be if person A is a good politician, or if we are going to have rice or noodles tonight, beautifly crafted so that you, as a person, would sound guilty, if you don't follow their underlying desires.

There are a few reasons I don't like this at all, which include but not limited to.

1. It being an attempt to force my emotions being aligned with the person

2. It being an attempt to force my emotions out

3. Me getting into a paradox of guilt no matter how I actually felt

4. Them justifying their actions of guilt tripping when the only "guilt" that exists is to not follow their desires

5. It usually being a final resort against me before I know that things are going to get downhill real quick, but since guilt tripping messes me up so badly it usually only makes things way worse than they should have

There are fine uses of guilt tripping, which is when the guilt is justified in a general sense, but if it's about "please do this for me or..." then please realise it would be better if you realise that I don't need your confirmation to have you know that I do in fact care about how you are feeling, and that guilt tripping me in many cases is nothing but a means of distrust with me.

Also there's something about being blunt that I wanna talk about, but I'll leave that for another day.


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