apps are (mostly) overrated

The more I think about it the more I realise there's no point in most of the apps. After not touching grass for years, looking at how people live their lives with their phones, their use case seems to be very different to mine, and there are serveal things about it.

Apps like YouTube or Instagram are basically mobile frontend for Web 2.0 sites. Sure they may load stuff faster but them being apps also grant them unnecessary power and control to your device. Besides, some of them even tries to make their website worse so that the app may offer a generally better experience to the user, or at least on the outside that is.

Then there are food booking apps. Not just stuff like Foodpanda where you just sit at your couch and order food with an unreasonably high commision price, but also restaurant specific apps. McDonald's is a good example. Why do I even need to download a specific app for a specific restaurant in order to order food? Not only is this a walled garden that they want to put you through, it's also an excuse to raise the price higher up as if ordering for 10 different restaurants from 8 different apps while not being takeaway is a good idea.

There's also an interesting phenomenon, that devs would make tons of different versions of the same app that does almost exactly the same thing. And they also like to keep the content app exclusive for some reason? Because that way it's easier to implement the toxic disaster called DRM?

Most of these complaints kinda seem like a rant on capitalism - it's not, or at least not precisely. While I personally dislike capitalism as a concept in general, I'd say it has more to do with "people being people", capitalism is simply a by-product that's inevitable either way. If anyone want this to geniunely be changed on a national scale, it's going to take centeries, though I also do appreciate the effort of those silly people, because without them, I wouldn't still be typing here, somehow, despite irl being cringe.


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