It was a long day, you want to be alone for a while, because the world just makes you tired, and you need some rest and time by yourself.

Then right when you're back home, the first thing you heard are people caring about you, which sounds good, but you were just too outwardly focused that you desperately need some inward time of yours.

So you chose not to response, simply because it would be way too tiring to bother in a place of relaxation, and that you don't really want to risk any "bad answers", because you're that type of a person to answer with cold answers without meaning it.

Then they started getting irritated, seeing how this creature does not know the basic means of politeness in responding back, while you are getting annoyed by them not respecting your time.

So you stood up, and said, "I'm very tired, I don't hate you, but please shut up".

They started to get even more mad at you, using every way possible to try to get inside your head, with words that are more cold than what you were being percieved.

It's as if there's someone who's trying to interrupt you all the time, rather it be "how was the day", "it's time to have lunch" or "you're a disappointment".

Sometimes it's not the silent one who tries to be misunderstood.


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