about the cli client

So one of the reason I didn't post as much is that I thought the cli client no longer works, but as it turns out, after I'm finally bothered to carefully read through the code, the configuration file should be located in ~/.config/.smolpub, in which the smolpub file is a hidden one (a dot before the file name)

Then I kinda thought it's my problem all along, but then I read through the manual, and realised it tells us to create the config with the location ~/.config/smolpub, the file is not a hidden one, but the code only regonises one that is hidden, if you don't modify it.

I know it's better to do this via email, but if m15o sees this, be sure to change the manual text of that particular section, since even though the cli client can still be improved, it's generally a better way to write entries imho, since you can store the texts locally while edit with your favourite editor, and it'd be a shame if someone else couldn't use it because of one very minor typo inside the manual.


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