first impressions

People that I've met tend to dislike new things. It could be because they tend to be more confortable around what they have, which is completely fair. However, that also leads to the phenomenon in which people only try new things out when they ended up first liked the new thing, or to simply put, first impression determines everything.

This is funny because in many cases the first impression would be very far off from what the thing actually is, and that happens a lot with things, like video game trailers.

When cyberpunk2077 was announced back in the day, people were really hyped over the game, mainly because the previous games from the same devs had been doing great, so surely this successor would also be good, right?

To those uninformed, the game was released with a ton of bugs that makes the game pretty much unplayable, and by the time they patched them out, the game is no longer a hot topic among people.

This doesn't sound bad however, because it is not bad. First impressions are good for grabbing an immediate judgement through things that needs to be determined if they are good, and it doesn't really hurt much to do it on things that doesn't really matter.

But what if it does.

Imagine someone is learning how to draw, and that person showed the drawings to other people, and wants to know what he can improve from his drawings. However, he only showed it to his friends, and all they did was that they first saw it as terrible, then never bothered with the person's art ever again.

Then of course this example may be a bit extreme, after all, most people would try their best to not do this when it's something that doesn't cost them much time, or that they are just really bored.

Now this sucks, as that means people don't want to appreciate bad things. This kinda sounds alien, but really it's mostly about the favourable direction when dealing with anything.

Everyone holds values onto things they care about, but everyone has a different way on handling things that they like/dislike. Some people would take it personally, and take it as everything that matters; some still holds them strong, but they know to respect those that are opposed to their own values; some hardly forms an opinion, and would take different sides as valid forms of opinions. Now there are always going to be ups and downs on every approach on how one view first impressions, but when it comes to communication with personal stuff that gives first impressions, it's best to not react to it with simply "I dislike it". Imho the better option would be to either state that you're getting emotionally unstable by reacting to all these stuff, or you geninely don't have the time for that, or you simply doesn't really care about that person and that you only do what you are most comfortable with.

But then, that's just my theory......


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