(spoilers) Madoka Magica

Reason I watched this anime is simply due to someone on Discord changed the pfp to this anime, and that I am trying to get in touch with more people online recently, so I thought it'd be cool to watch the anime (that they've watched) together.

Also there are movies and spin-offs that I haven't watched.

how they introduced me to the anime

It's about magical girls. Yeah that's it, simple as that.

first few episodes

Pretty much all except one main character has been introduced, with the pink hair girl being the what I'd describe as the 1st main character (have fun with me describing them by their hair colour/characteristics).

Pink hair girl seems to be quite "normal", basically your friendly neighbourhood shy self doubting yet imaginative girl. Then there's the blue hair girl who seems to be way more direct and rushy, though is still kind.

Then there's the black hair girl, who seem to be very edgy and withdrawn, while also has a potential to be the villian.

There's also an animal thing which turned out to be an alien, who first got saved by the pink hair girl after being chased by the black hair girl, and is also who introduced the whole concept of magical girls.

And during that scene there's the yellow hair girl who seem to be very enthsiastic about this whole magical girl stuff, since it is about saving the world and stuff.

deeper and deeper

As it turns out the magical girl stuff isn't as good as it sounds.

Being a magical girl gives up your soul to the soul gem, and what they haven't tell until a while is that the girl is now in the form of the gem, and that their body is merely a vessal.

Magical girls were advertised as to defeat witches to save the world, but as it turns out every magical girl's final form is to become a witch themselves, because there's some anime energy balance stuff that happens and it's the only way the world is balanced.

Then as the main characters dies and that more truth has been revealed, it's known that the wishes that those girls made has consequences, and that the black hair girl apparently can time travel, which makes the pink hair girl being some anomaly and this is the reason why that animal thing can sense that the pink hair girl has enourmous magical power, even though the pink hair girl literally cannot make a decision to become a magical girl until the very last episode.

lol timelines

Originally the earth would be doomed because there's a witch that absolutely no one can defeat, but the black hair girl happened and she became whatever and made a wish to be able to reset time, so that the pink hair girl can be saved by protecting her when that OP witch happens except she's just being an embodiment of insanity except she also make the pink hair girl eventually become god tier level stuff. And at the last episode there's some character growth on the pink hair girl then she made a bold wish to eliminate all witches from existence in all timelines which happend because it's an anime and she's the protag and eventually she destroyed her own witch and ended up becoming a god because she also eliminated herself during that which makes her the law of everything as if it ever makes sense. But anyways after that magical girls no longer need to suffer when dying, witches were replaced by whatever that is that I forgot, and yay happy ending with a 14yo Japanese girl with pink hair being a godness of all.

So do I like this anime?

Probably. I like how the plot is being made even though the plot itself may not be the best thing ever, especially when even though I do understand that they've been hiding secrets for the anime, which is a brillant move and a good gatekeeper for those who immediately expects link hair girl to be a magical girl and save the world, is also what leads to many more secrets that has yet to be discovered for people (will be discussed in if people would like that), and uncertainty not only leaves a lot of empty questions of the series behind, it also encourages people to be addictive about it, which I personally dislike with shows in general.

What about the characters?

I don't really find any attachment with any characters, probably as this type of anime is quite new to me. However, I do find 2 characters to be relatable, the black hair girl, and the anime thing.

The black hair girl I found relatable in the sense that even on emotional situations I'd still try to reason through it rather than to confront on how I feel, and with the animal thing it's that it's basically me without a soul, as in, if I don't really care about anyone, I'd have extremely similar thought processes compared to that when dealing with any problems.

The rest of the characters to me kinda just exists, though definitely aren't bad characters.

art, look, feel

I really like the designs of the witches. It reminds me of abstract painting, but in a more "psycho" way.

The character (human) designs are definitely unique in a way that makes the series identifiable and stand out.

anything else

In many ways the characters can be seen as "unreasonable", however this is kind of how people are like, and it's better to embrace that rather than to cry about it.

I don't know if it's just me but the more secrets about magical girls has been revealed the more I think it resembles with Christianity, though not in a literal sense, mostly due to the fact that Satan is just fallen angels, and that witches will forever become witches, just like how Satan will forever be Satan.

If anything I wouldn't think it's healthy for any form of species to simply have a god that just wants happiness on everyone, since as cold and harsh as it sounds, negative emotions have direct positive impact on people in general, and that it's unhealthy to simply trying to eliminate it, or at least that's how I think about it. Though I guess it'd be more tolerable if that "god" can't really control much of humanity.

is this a good anime?

I don't hate it, it gives me ways to see different perspectives in how people think about desires, emotions, and consequences. But I wouldn't recommend the anime to others as for 1, they might have already seen enough stuff like this, for 2, it's something that some type of people would more easily be hating on a personal level, and 3, most people would likely be simping over some characters for their designs and many other stuff that need no to mention here, and it's the last thing I want when introducting something to others.

final words

Thanks to the 2 people who introduced me to this series, as long as giving me an excuse to try expanding on talking to new people online. And forgive me for the poor organisation in this entry, as although I have thoughts on it, I'm no where near attached enough on it to care about it.

However, I do appreciate being able to try new stuff in life, and I couldn't be more thankful about it. Maybe the movie will be better who knows.


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