the trip, hotel covid quarantine

After 14 days of visiting the UK and France, I'm now back in Hong Kong.

Though I'm not home yet, as there is also a 7 day quarantine for everyone who's visting this place who doesn't come from China.

The trip was fine. Needed to do a lot of assist for finding locations, but the events have all been done successfully.

Also learnt a lot of useless information during that, and it makes me wonder if I should actually migrate to the UK one day (though it's not like I'm decisive on that matter in any way)

I actually quite like the vibe of the UK, despite all the memes that I've seen saying how bad it is. Though there are obviously things I don't like about it too.

If it wasn't because of one event, I wouldn't have been bothered to go there, as not only am I putting away stuff that I have been working on in I gress, I also have to have a 7 day quarantine because the government here is still scared of COVID, despite most of the world opened up already with all the vaccination and health related policies.


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