kessoku band

Yeah I watched another anime and now I'm here tk rate the album of the anime band.

I would be talking about bocchi the anime except I feel like I still haven't know the anime well enough to talk about it in the way I wanted to.

Below are the ratings with explanations, in order of the album:

1. 8/10

A basic j-rock song with fun guitar snippets.

2. 7.5/10

The contrast between the soft vocals and the strong instrumentals are great.

3. 8/10

After I listened to it carefully for this review I realised there's a key change to thr chrous, and online tabs of the song helped me confirm that.

The main melody (vocals) is kind of repetitive but the instruments are having a lot of fun.

4. 7/10

no comment

5. 5/10

I will get hated for this probably.

Drum sometimes sounds like noises and they managed to make the bass sound boring without following the typical 4 chords, for most of the song.

There are interesting parts of the song but it's still just 50/50 with the guitar and the initial main melody was nice but it got boring real quick, more so than Distorion! does.

fun fact I almost ignored the anime because I disliked this song when yt recommended it for me, to me it just sounds like a failed pop rock song

That said I'm not a lyrics person otherwise it would've been a 7/10

6. 9/10

I'm more biased on this one because I really like the fact that it makes it easy to follow the high gain guitar on the chrous, and the drum+bass fills after the chrous is also really fun and cute.

7. 9.5/10

You could remove anything but the bass and I'd still give it the same rating

At first I thought I wasn't feeling this one but there's also something that's telling me I will really like this song, and oh boy was I right.

I also really like how lowkey it started then the guitar just went cute to introduce the vocals.

8. 9/10

Imagine a high school band playing a tricot song with all the weird time signatures and tempo changes at a school festival lol.

Has a transending guitar solo, feels bouncy when listening to it, isn't too much of a show off, nice vocals, really fun intro, sounds like it doesn't want to end.

9. 9/10

What I think is the objectively best song on the album

Great buildup to lift the mood of the song, has the emotion surrounding you rather than slapping on you like most other songs in this album, hopeful melody and guitar line, bass is on point, drums has it's own unique place

10. 7.5/10

Really nice melody, a fun song.

11. 8/10

This one just slaps right to your ears and immediately tells you to pay attention, which I personally like.

The guitar at the chrous is great.

Good bass and drums.

12. 7.5/10

The actual solo is good for those who watched the anime.

13. 7.5/10

I know many people like this song but personally I think it's too busy for a supposedly "emo" song.

That said it's still good.

14. 8/10

It's weird that it is good but it is.

A nice cover sung by the VA of bocchi herself, weird melody, good bass.

A good song for crying for a specific type of people.

And that's it.

8/10 album


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