Polyphia - Ego Death (feat. Steve Pai)

I was actually hesitsting in sharing a Polyphia track but then this new track came and I think I'd just commit to it.

I'm not a guitar nerd, I'm not a music nerd, but I like music, and that alone doesn't stop me from listening to whatever prog rock instrumentals that they're presenting.

What I like about this track is that there's basically no breathing room through the entire almost 6 minutes of the track, and that I think different parts of the piece added up together makes it so that there's always something new on the table, while being rhythmetically and melodically pleasing, without being out of place.

My favourite part is probably at 2:00 with the second main riff that Scott Lepage is having, it's kinda hard to explain but I personally found it sensual.

It's like a journey that goes everywhere, and I don't think people should try to comprehend what's happening, instead, just let the flow ride over you so that you wouldn't be upset of not understanding something that's brand new to you.


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