sasakure.UK - the EmpErroR

only the full version matters, the intro is too important

There's something about this track that makes me feel somewhat emotional that I cannot describe, but maybe it's the synth that speaks non verbal stuff, maybe it's the electic piano at the background idk.

It's almost as if I'm going through a journey everytime listening to it, the synth voice gradually gets louder at the track goes, and each part sounds like a different story it's trying to tell listeners.

The sound production is quite unique, and there's a lot going on, but somehow I don't really find it overhwelming. It's kinda the same as an orchestra, except it's been replaced by weird sounds that somehow goes pretty well when put together.

I personally like the 2nd part of the track the most. It gives an interestingly curious yet mysterious vibe, and it's a good opener for the track as it allows the intensity to increase slowly throughout, it's like going up the first hill with a rollar coaster - an adventure is waiting ahead, and it's going to be (complicatedly) exciting.


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